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Dear Visitor (hereinafter “You” or “The User”)
This page is property of Zillian S.A. with legal address in Corso Elevezia 31 – CH 6900 Lugano, Switzerland (hereinafter the “Owner”, the “Company” or “We”) P.IVA CHE-115.632.985
“We” are a platform that intermediates between publishers and online advertisers operating at a statistical level.
For this reason, we have a transit role between the site from where you are coming from (hereinafter the “Originating Site”) and third parties as better defined below.
“We” do not install any first party cookies through our implementation, we do not have access to any personal information from you as this is not allowed by your browser. We don’t capture any additional information and our intervention is limited to passing the unmodified “consent-string” downstream as generated by the publisher.
Given that cookies can transit through our services, we want to provide you more detail on what they are and how are they typically used along with methods to manage your choices.
These cookies (also known as third party cookies) are set and controlled by third party companies. On this page you’ll find links to these companies privacy policies that we recommend you read carefully in order to understand your choices.
The “Company” considers your privacy rights and personal information of utmost importance. For any information regarding this cookie notice, you may contact the “Company” at any time using the following methods:

  • Sending a registered letter with delivery notice to the legal address of the “Company”
  • Sending an email to

A. What are cookies and what are they used for:
Cookies are small text files that visited sites send to your web browser where they are stored and retransmitted only to the visited site on a subsequent visit (also known as first party cookies).
During your visit to a website, you might receive cookies from other sites (also known as third party cookies), this happens as the visited site might contain elements such as images, maps, sounds, etc… that reside in domains different to the one you are visiting.
Cookies might be limited to a single web browsing session (session cookies) being deactivated once you close your web browser, or have a predetermined expiration date in which case will be stored on your hard drive until they expire, accumulating information about your visits to such website across browser sessions (permanent cookies).
Cookies can be used for different functions, some are essential to the website’s functionality (technical cookies), some others are used to obtain statistical information, aggregated or not, about the users that access the website and the way it is used (monitoring or analytical cookies). Finally, others are used to track your consuming profile in order to provide advertisement that will match your habits and be more relevant to you (profiling cookies).
For a better understanding on the different types of cookies, how they work and how to choose whether to allow or block their use, continue reading this notice.

B. Profiling Cookies
Profiling cookies are used to profile you as a user based on preferences and habits collected during your web browsing activities. In this way, advertisers can send you ads that match your consumer profile resulting in a more interesting and relevant experience.
The current privacy regulations require that you express your consent to the installation of these cookies. For this reason, whenever you visit a website you are presented with a banner that informs you that: i) the site that you are visiting uses profiling cookies and that ii) closing the banner, scrolling or clicking on any element on the page you are consenting the use of such cookies. Whenever you express your consent through any of these methods, a technical cookie will be generated in order to record your consent and avoid asking you again the next time you visit the site. Please note that deleting this technical cookie from your browser as instructed in section C 1 below will cause this banner to appear again on your next visit to the same site.
Naturally, you are free to block the installation of profiling cookies at any time without losing access to the content in any way.
Most of the profiling cookies are installed by third parties which are responsible for their treatment (third party cookies). The following is a list of the third party cookies used by the “Company” along with a link to the respective privacy policy pages:

Cookie Name Cookie Type Link to the corresponding privacy policy
Adform third party profiling cookie
Google third party profiling cookie
AppNexus third party profiling cookie
PubMatic third party profiling cookie
OpenX third party profiling cookie
FreeWheel third party profiling cookie
SPOTX third party profiling cookie
Improve Digital third party profiling cookie
Criteo third party profiling cookie
OZ Digital third party profiling cookie
WebAds third party profiling cookie
Oath (display) third party profiling cookie
Oath (video) third party profiling cookie
Smartadserver  third party profiling cookie
4StrokeMedia third party profiling cookie
Fidelity Media third party profiling cookie
PulsePoint third party profiling cookie
EMXdigital third party profiling cookie
Sovrn third party profiling cookie
Vertoz third party profiling cookie
Rubicon Project third party profiling cookie
SmartyAds third party profiling cookie
Telaria third party profiling cookie

Some third party cookies are installed by companies with which we don’t have a direct contract relationship. For this reason, we provide you with links to the internet sites of such companies that act as intermediaries between us and this third party companies where you can find (i) the list of companies that install third party cookies through them, and (ii) links to the privacy policies of such companies in which you will find all necessary information to opt-out.

C. How to manage cookies and block their use
There are several ways to manage, disable or delete the cookies.

1. Change the configuration of your web browser
Follow the instructions provided by the developer of the browser you are using to learn how to manage, deactivate or delete all cookies (technical, analytical and profiling)


Make your choices with caution. Blocking the reception of all cookies including the technical ones for a site might prevent you from using some or all of its functionality. In addition, deleting all cookies from your browser will remove all technical cookies leading to the elimination of your preferences such as products in your shopping cart.

2. Use interactive elements provided by third parties
In order to manage or disable third party cookies, refer to the third party company’s privacy policy using the links detailed on section B above and follow their instructions. Remember that (i) preventing the installation or disabling these third party cookies you also prevent their use in all other internet sites where these companies have content and (ii) access to content and functionality of these sites will not be affected.
When you disable certain third party cookies you will still be presented with the consent banner, but continuing to use the site will not allow the installation of cookies for which you opted out.

3. Use the YOUR ONLINE CHOICES web site
Your Online Choices is a web site managed by the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) non-profit organization (Italian version at that provides information about targeted advertising based on profiling cookies ( and allows internet users to easily opt-out and prevent the installation of such cookies from some of the main internet advertising operators ( Before using this instrument, we recommend you to read carefully YOUR ONLINE CHOICES general service conditions (, the frequently asked questions ( and the user guide (
Please note that even when YOUR ONLINE CHOICES groups many of the most important internet advertising companies, some of the third party companies that install profiling cookies through the “Company”, might not have adhered to YOUR ONLINE CHOICES. For this reason, the use of that service doesn’t guarantee that no profiling cookies will be received through the Company’s service. Remember as well that by eliminating all cookies from your browser you will also be eliminating YOUR ONLINE CHOICES preferences reactivating any third party cookies for which you have opted out.

D. Your Rights
As expressed by art. 7 from D.lgs. June 30th 2003, n 196, you have the right to obtain at any time the confirmation of the existence of personal data, know its content and origin, verify its accuracy or ask for its amendment, update or rectification. You have also the right to ask for its deletion, anonymization or blocking the data treated in violation of the law. You can also oppose its treatment when assisted by legitimate reasons. Finally, you have the right to obtain a list of the external entities that have been nominated by the “Company” to treat your data.
To exercise your rights or to obtain additional information about this notice, please contact the “Company” via registered letter at Elvezia 31 – CH 6900 Lugano oppure via e-mail (all’indirizzo