We think your inventory is very valuable


That’s why we want to buy it.

Who we are


We are a Swiss tech company specialized in web advertising technologies.

We collaborate with most major players in the RTB ecosystem to bring a unique offer to premium publishers.

Forebase - Where we are.

What we do


We apply the art of statistics to predict where the demand will be at any given time.

Through our technology, we bring new demand to your web page and produce more money for you.

What you get


Increased revenue by monetizing inventory that is not easy to market through conventional technologies (below-the-fold positions/line items, etc.).

Constant, stable, reliable revenue stream.

No risk. No cost.

How it works


We simply provide industry-standard ad tags for your ad server to run conventional campaigns.

Use the tags at any point in your waterfall, even as a last resort (filler).

Ad quality is never compromised.

Contact us

Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch right away.